Helsington Community Land Trust is a not-for-profit organisation started in 2008 with the objective to benefit the community. It was formed as a consequence of concerned and motivated individuals living in Brigsteer, who were aware of the combined impact of high house prices and second homes, low wages, the loss of affordable housing through the Right to Buy and the high cost of rentals.
HCLT therefore aims to provide affordable housing for families that are unable to afford this within the area, supporting the long term, sustainable, residential aims of young families that wish to live and work in the Helsington and Brigsteer parish.
To access the full set of rules for the Trust Click here.

HCLT has a Board of Directors. The Directors come from a variety of backgrounds as follows:

If you are associated with Helsington or the surrounding Parishes, why not contribute to the decision making of the trust by becoming a shareholder? Just print off the application form and return it to the trust using the contact details (Hyperlink to contact details).